MindMaze Escape Room

Escape room is a live interactive game where your team will be locked in a room and given just 60 minutes to escape. Only chance to escape is with cooperation, having fun and using a bit of logic and creative thinking.

We are located in the old core of Ljubljana, along river Ljubljanica, surrounded by a wealth of history and attractions, you can afford to participate and part of it discover through fun, added adrenaline, risk, teamwork and thus better connect and get to know each other. The mode of the most famous game “Escape Room” – an escape room called MindMaze Ljubljana, which intertwines with our history and teaches you through the game to solve mysteries and surprises, is prepared live and provides the best gaming experience!

Planning a night out with family or friends, celebrating event, planning a team-building activity, or simply wanting a diversion from the doldrums of your workweek? Our team from Escape room MindMaze Ljubljana will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready for your adventurous escape from thematic escape rooms?


In the 16th century a famous alchemist lived in Ljubljana. He was searching for the greatest secret of all time – how to transform metal into precious gold.

The most secret ingredient is the dragon egg that was stolen from the Dragon which lived in the swamp that surround the Ljubljanica river. Legend has it that the dragon egg is still hidden in a secret chamber waiting to be discovered…

Come to escape room and get ready for a thrilling quest, and find out if the legends are true!


You will go to 1943. The Slovenian captial is surrounded by barbed wire. Coming in or going of the city is impossible. Ljubljana is facing it’s downfall. There is only one who can save the city – Franc Laibach. But he needs your help, wisdom and inventiveness.

Help him decrypt all the enigmas, unlock all the locks, find all the hints to escape the prison and save the city! Be written in history as one of the saviours of the Slovenian capital. But hurry, the clock is ticking! Can you beat the pressure, solve the city and escape from escape room?

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