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Ticket price certificates for correct, up to date travel expenses calculations

Ticket price certificates are the basis for correct travel expenses calculations. Ljubljana bus station has been issuing officially valid price certificates since the beginning of public transport.

Unified standard tickets, available from June 2019, represent the current basis for calculations.

Easiest and fastest way to get a ticket price certificate is by using the form below. You can also get them at Ljubljana bus station ticket offices.

Ticket price certificate order form

More information about relations, types of tickets and zones can be found under the form. If you're still not sure, please contact our INFO center 1991 (only available within Slovenia, charges apply) or at

The form will be checked by our INFO center staff. You will receive the certificate within a few hours of a successful order. If you have placed your order towards the end or outside of our opening hours, you will receive it the following day.

Form below is intended for private individuals. If you're a legal entity please contact us for correct pricing.

Enter departure and destination in the text field and choose a ticket type from the dropdown for each price you need a certificate for. Click -Add another- to add another price. Each price must be on a separate field.

Example: 1. Kranj - Ljubljana (Monthly), 2. Ljubljana city transport zone 1 (Monthly).

Price: 6.20 €
  • All tickets, except for single ticket, allow for unlimited journeys in both directions.
  • Ljubljana city transport ticket types are: single, monthly and yearly.
  • Ljubljana city transport zones are zone 1, zone 2, zone 3. See zone map (PDF 2,6 MB).

Additional options for companies

Correct travel expense calculations can present an important saving for companies. Ljubljana bus station is trusted by many companies in both public and private sector (including companies with over 1000 employees).

You can send us a list of relations of your employees, and we fill in officially valid, cheapest price, which you can use to calculate travel expenses. You can also send us a list of addresses from which we find out the correct relations.

We offer a partner agreement in case of a long-term cooperation. Such an agreement brings even cheaper certificate prices, and we keep your list of relations and prices updated monthly.

For more information, please contact us at

Price list

Private individuals:

  • For 1 (one) leg - 6,2 €
  • For 2 legs (per leg) - 5,1 €
  • For 3 or more legs (per leg) - 4,5 €

Legal entities (by e-mail):

  • Up to 3 legs (per leg) - 4,4 €
  • For 4 to 7 legs (per leg) - 3,9 €
  • For 8 to 10 legs (per leg) - 3,3 €
  • For 11 or more legs (per leg) - 2,8 €