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Why did you introduce a premium-rate telephone number for providing information?

Ljubljana Bus station alone is not the source of the information we provide to our customers, we provide these information as added value. The information is collected from numerous coach operators, entered into our database, simplified and kept up to date so that travellers can get the right information faster and easier.

I missed a bus. Am I eligible for a refund for the amount I bought the ticket for?

Unfortunately you are not eligible for a refund if you have missed the bus departure.

Can I return or exchange a valid ticket for another and until when can I do so?

You can return or exchange a valid ticket:

  • on national routes at least 2 hours before departure,
  • on international routes at least 6 hours before departure, before public holidays at least 24 hours before departure.

Customers are eligible for a 90 % refund for timely returned tickets, the bus station service fee and reservation fee are non-refundable.

Bus tickets can not be exchanged for any other services obtainable at Ljubljana bus station ticket offices.

Why do I need to print my online tickets?

Because the bus companies can't accept your online ticket as they have no means of verifying it.

What does it mean that buying an online ticket does not guarantee travel at the selected time?

An online ticket provides the same service as a ticket purchased at the ticket offices of Ljubljana bus station.

If you buy a ticket where your departure is not from "Ljubljana bus station", then Ljubljana bus station operates as a sales point in the IJPP system (integrated public passenger transport). This system does not enable capacity recording, so it cannot guarantee you a seat on the selected bus.

In the case of travel from "Ljubljana bus station", we record the capacity in our own system.

Where can I read about bus passenger rights?

Bus and coach passenger rights (