Naslovna slika - privzeta


Subsidized unified bus and train passes for students

The sale of subsidized tickets for high-school and university students, for the school year 2023/24 is available at Ljubljana Bus Station ticket offices every day between 6 AM and 8 PM.

If you are studying at a public school in Slovenia and are staying further than 2km from your school then you may be eligible for a subsidized student pass.

How do I apply?

Print and fill in a subsidized student pass application. Bring it to Ljubljana bus station ticket offices for approval.

  • Do not forget to bring a pass you used in any of the previous years, if you have one. Otherwise, you may be charged extra for a duplicate.
  • Make sure to get a parent or a guardian signature if you're below the age of 18.

Types of passes

City passes are available for the following cities: Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Koper, Novo Mesto, Celje, Murska Sobota, Krško and Jesenice.

Intercity pass is available as a pass for unlimited trips per month or for 10 trips per month (you are free to choose).

Intercity pass for unlimited trips per month is called Slovenia pass. This pass enables you to travel by any public intercity bus or train within Slovenia. You are no longer restricted to the route between your place of stay and your school.

Cost of passes

  • Intercity pass for 10 trips/ month - 20€ per month, 160€ per year.
  • Intercity pass for unlimited trips (Slovenia pass) - 25€ per month, 200€ per year.
  • Ljubljana zone 1 pass - 20€ per month as standalone, 10€ per month in combination with intercity pass, 100€ per year in combination with intercity pass
  • Ljubljana zone 2 or 3 pass - 25€ per month. Zone 1 pass is issued if you want to combine it with intercity pass.

Validity of passes

Monthly passes are valid until the end of first work day the following month.

Yearly passes for high-school students are valid from September 1 until August 31, and from October 1 until September 30 for students.

Monthly passes purchase

Monthly passes can be purchased from 21. of the current month onwards.

Please contact our info center 1991 (only available within Slovenia, charges apply) for any specific information.