Experience the capital

Visit Ljubljana castle – symbol of Ljubljana, National museum of Slovenia – oldest museum in Slovenia and take a boat cruise to experience the city from another perspective.

Ljubljana is a small European capital, offering an exciting mix of different cultural traditions. Laying in the middle of Slovenia you can use it as a hub for further exploration of the country.

How to get around? Urbana card!

Ljubljana is very well covered by public bus transport. To access it, you need an Urbana card and some money on the card. You can buy and top off the Urbana card right here at the Ljubljana bus station.

Ljubljana castle

Along with the Urbana card we offer tickets to Ljubljan castle as well. Your ticket includes:

  • Viewing Tower – if you climb to the castle for its views, then you will certainly experience the most beautiful view from the Viewing Tower – highest point in the city
  • Virtual Castle – take a virtual stroll through the castle history to see just how colourful the castle’s past has been
  • Museum of Puppetry – we all love puppets, this unique experience for children and children-at-heart will open up new fantasy worlds
  • Exhibition of Slovenian History – experience the essence of Slovenian and Ljubljana history in one place, find out how, when and by whom our history has been shaped right up to the present day
  • Exhibition: Once Upon a Time – take a brief stroll through Slovenian rich narrative tradition, countless fairytales and legends having circulated among our ancestors for centuries

For easier access to the castle a funicular railway ride is included with the ticket. The tickets are available at the Ljubljana bus station ticket offices.

National Museum of Slovenia

Founded by the Carniolan State Parliament on the 15th of October 1821, is the oldest of all Slovenian museum institutions.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Slovenian territory and learn about the cultural heritage of the nation at historically important locations.
Admire the treasures, stroll through the exhibition and listen to the stories hidden in the objects.

Ljubljanica boat cruise

Get ready to see Ljubljana in a completely new way. Even more mesmerizing and romantic than you’ve known her before – now from the river’s perspective.

MindMaze Escape Room

Escape room is a live interactive game where your team will be locked in a room and given just 60

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