Škofja Loka

Medieval town

Škofja Loka is Slovenia’s oldest and most carefully preserved medieval town, with a central castle and a great set of old town walls. This is a great place to explore and spend some time. The old town centre is composed of an upper square called Mestni Trg, and the lower, Spodnji Trg, both of which are dominated by the Škofja Loka Castle, which is well worth a visit has a beautiful view over the old town the Slovenian Alps and the surrounding forests and field.

How to get there?

Bus departs every 30 minutes during the week, 15 departures on Sundays.

Check out the exact departures and purchase your bus tickets through the timetable.

Škofja Loka Museum

The Škofja Loka Museum is housed in the Škofja Loka Castle, whose imposing exterior dominates the town below. The rich museum collections bear witness to the past and the present day of the territory along the Selška and Poljanska Sora rivers, which formed the Škofja Loka Dominion ruled by the Bishops of Freising, Bavaria, back in the day (973-1803).

The Museum’s archaeology, history, cultural history, art, ethnology, natural history and sports collections, as well as an open-air museum present the cultural heritage of the Škofja Loka area and also place it in the wider Slovenian and European contexts.

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