Bus changes through Komenda, 8. - 10. April 2022
Posted on April 7, 2022, 8:47 a.m.
Bus company Arriva is announcing changes for buses going through Komenda, during "Spomladanski sejem Komenda 2022" event.

Friday, 8. April:

Bus line "Ljubljana - Letališče Brnik - Ljubljana". Departures from "Brnik/airport Ljubljana" from 10 AM to 6 PM and departures from "Ljubljana" from 10:10 AM to 6:10 PM do not travel through "Komenda". Bus travels from "Nasovče" to "Moste" using the main road.

Bus line "Ljubljana - Komenda PC - Komenda vas - Ljubljana" only goes to "Komenda vas" at 5:20 AM, 7 AM and 8:40 AM. The rest only go to bus stop "Moste GD".

Departures at 6:05 AM and 7:45 AM use bus stop "Komenda vas" as normal. The rest travel through "Moste GD". "Komenda vas" and "Komenda šola" are unavailable.

Saturday and Sunday, 9. April and 10. April:

Only departures at 6:10 AM from Ljubljana and 7 AM from Brnik airport go through Komenda, the rest don't.

If you were planning on using bus stop "Komenda vas" or "Komenda šola" then please use "Moste pri Komendi Petrol" or "Nasovče" during the closures.


Source: arriva.si

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