BlaBlaCar Bus online ticket sales
Posted on 16. October 2023, 04:58
We are pleased to announce that online ticket sales for the company BlaBlaCar Bus is now active.

The company currently operates the following route through Ljubljana: Paris (France) - Lyon (France) - Chambéry (France) - Torino (Italy) - Milano (Italy) - Bergamo (Italy) - Verona (Italy) - Venice (Italy) - Trieste (Italy) - Ljubljana bus station - Zagreb (Croatia).

BlaBlaCar Bus timetable is part of the general timetable, available on this website.

To purchase the tickets, select the number of passengers for each age group.

On the next step, enter first name, last name, date of birth and (optionally) phone number for notifications for each passenger.

At checkout, in addition to the e-mail address to which communication from BlaBlaCar Bus is sent, the customer's first and last name must also be entered.

After a successful purchase, you receive an invoice and links to the tickets from us.

All other communication after the purchase is made via BlaBlaCar Bus's communication channels.

Seat numbers are sent one hour before departure.

The reservation can only be managed via BlaBlaCar Bus portal.

General Terms and Conditions of Online Ticket Purchase of COMUTO PRO (BlaBlaCar Bus) apply.

Travel by bus – cheap, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

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