Naslovna slika - Bled
Fast return ride from Ljubljana to Bled from 15th May
Posted on 10. May 2023, 14:33

Ljubljana bus station informs that from 15th May 2023, you can choose among 2 fast departures from Ljubljana to Bled (not a bus, a van).

Every day, at 9.20 AM and 11.20 AM. These are additional rides from Ljubljana bus station. The return ride is called self-guided trip, time of departure is negotiable with the van operator.

Buy a ticket on this website in the timetable or at Ljubljana bus station ticket offices, at least 24 hours before the trip.

If you would like to visit Bled with a public transport with a bus from Ljubljana bus station, as most of the other people who want to visit Bled, you can choose from multiple rides to and from Bled every day. Check the timetable or ask at Ljubljana bus station ticket offices.

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BlaBlaCar Bus online ticket sales

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