VINAKOPER – taste of autochthonous Istrian wines

The nobility and lavishness of our wine varieties can be attributed to the heritage of a thousand-year old tradition of oenology and viticulture in Slovenian Istria, and are the product of the exquisite natural characteristics of the Istrian soil, and hard-working hands of locals.

In Vinakoper, in a city of Koper (the largest coastal city of Slovenia), they have been producing top-quality wines with love and respect since 1947.


Take a walk from the mysterious cellar to the glass of sun

Visit Vinakoper’s magnificent wine tasting tour, explore the aroma and the taste of precious wines of Istria.
Taste Refosco wine and many other … Vinakoper’s pride.



In the most sunny part of the green Slovenia, where noble vines touch the freshness of the sea, the story of the King of all Wines continues…
With one voucher, you get the taste of three different autochtonous Istrian wine.


VINAKOPER Wine Tasting price
VINAKOPER - price 
Wine Tasting3,00 EUR


Visit Vinakoper for the tasting, from Monday to Friday – between 10AM and 5PM. Valid from 13th of May till 31st of August 2019.

If you visit Vinakoper from Ljubljana bus station: bus station in Koper is only 5 minutes of walk from it.


The Department of Health warns: Excessive alcohol consumption can cause health issues

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