Summer Park Krvavec

The Summer Park at Krvavec offers an abundance of fun for all the family with numerous activities such as games, active spending of free time and a day filled with fun in the fresh air. Young, individual sportspersons as well as families will enjoy their time spent at the summer park.

  Krvavec Summer Activities Price list


Bus stopsV2V2V2V2V2V2
Ljubljana AP  9.00  10.50  14.5010.3214.4216.32
Ljubljana Kino Šiška9.0610.5614.5610.2714.3716.27
Ljubljana Trata9.1011.0015.0010.2314.3316.23
Ljubljana Šentvid9.1211.0215.0210.2114.3116.21
Krvavec žičnica9.4211.3215.32  9.50  14.00  15.50

V2 – daily except Thursdays from Jun 22th to Sept. 1st 2019


Bus stopsČ1Č1Č1
Ljubljana AP  9.00  14.5014.42
Ljubljana Kino Šiška9.0614.5614.37
Ljubljana Trata9.1015.0014.33
Ljubljana Šentvid9.1215.0214.31
Krvavec žičnica9.4015.3014.00
Krvavec žičnica9.5015.5011.33
Terme Snovik10.4616.46  10.50

Č1 – Thursdays from Jun 22th to Sept. 1st 2019


Bike park Krvavec

Bike park Krvavec with over 30 km Mountain Bike trails and biggest elevation drops among Bike Parks in Slovenia, offers rides for all tastes and levels of biking experiences.

Bike park Krvavec is also one of 16 leading European Bike Parks joined under Gravity Card.



In the summertime, Krvavec offers a welcoming oasis for hikers – primarily due to the fresh mountain air, wonderful views, local culinary delights, numerous herbs, the well-maintained hike paths and bike trails, as well as the Plečnikova Kapela dedicated to Mary of the Snow, all of which create an exceptional mountain exprience. Thus, a summer visit to Krvavec is more than just a pleasant relaxation for the body and soul.

There are different hiking trails awaiting you on Krvavec.


Bus tickets are available at Bus station Ljubljana ticket offices.
Return tickets for the cable car and various activities at Krvavec resort are available at Bus station Ljubljana ticket offices.

All information is provisional and is subject to change without prior notice. For more information about bus schedules please visit the  Vsi podatki so informativne narave. Vozni red pred odhodom preverite v voznem redu ali pokličite INFO center na tel. št. 1991.

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