Grad Snežnik

Snežnik Castle in Notranjska

The romantic Snežnik Castle in Notranjska with authentic interiors from the second half of the 19th century

A stroll through the four castle floors evokes the atmosphere of 150 years ago because rooms boast genuine furniture and other household objects from the latter half of the 19th century. The parlours and bedrooms of Princes Herman and Ulrich, of Princess Ana and the guest rooms are pleasant and comfortable fitted out with a number of originally upholstered historical seating suites and ornamental stoves. The walls are decorated with family portraits, old photos, and prints.

One distinct feature is the Egyptian room from the early 20th century. To make the ambience of the holiday residence cosier, the family had a piano, the billiard table, and the theatre corner. Gradually, the owners gathered many hunting trophies, including the stuffed bear that has been at the castle for over a century. The stonefaced bailey area is intended for temporary exhibitions, and there is a wedding room on the ground floor.

The ancient castle in its beautiful natural surroundings is providing a whole day of pleasant and instructive entertainment.

How to get there?

Bus departs to a close by town Stari trg pri Ložu at 11:45 and 13:15 Monday – Friday. From there, you take a local bus to Kozarišče at 14:13 or 15:08.

There are 5 additional buses heading to Starti trg pri Ložu, 4km from the Snežnik castle.

Check out the exact departures and purchase your bus tickets through the timetable. Input “Stari trg pri Ložu” as your destination.

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