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Visit Škofja Loka and Loka museum Škofja Loka inside the castle

At the centre of Slovenia … where the Alps begin to incline towards the sea. Where thousand-year old impressions of culture, art and nature beckon to be explored. Discover Loka museum Škofja Loka, a mystical town of great drama.

The museum is housed in the city Castle, whose imposing exterior dominates the town below. The rich museum collections bear witness to the past and the present day of the territory. Which formed the city’s Dominion ruled by the Bishops of Freising, Bavaria, back in the day (973-1803).

Tickets for the Loka Museum Škofja Loka with all its exhibitions – Click.

Bus tickets from Ljubljana bus station to Škofja Loka – at the timetable (online purchase) or at one of the many Ljubljana bus station ticket offices, open 365 days a year.

Museum collections:

– archaeology

– history

– cultural history

– art

– ethnology, etc.


One of the Museum’s focuses are exhibitions – the castle houses the Castle Gallery.  And two other galleries are located in the town centre, namely the Ivan Grohar Gallery in Mestni Trg and the France Mihelič Gallery in a former granary in Spodnji Trg. The Museum’s collections are also on display at the Cankar Batallion House (Dom Cankarjevega bataljona) in Dražgoše and at the Visoko Mansion in Poljane Valley.

The Museum serves as a meeting place for different generations and a lively cultural and educational centre. Visitors are kindly invited to a number of activities throughout the year: guided tours, lectures, talks with artists and other interesting guests, etc.

Škofja Loka (pronounced [ˈʃkoːfja ˈloːka] is a town in Slovenia. It is the economic, cultural, educational, and administrative centre of the Municipality of Škofja Loka in Upper Carniola. It has about 12,000 inhabitants. Škofja Loka was mentioned in 973 as Lonca (referring to Stara Loka) (and as Lonka in 1160, Lok in 1192–97, Scofolotti in 1293, and Scofioloco in 1295, among other names). The name literally means ‘bishop’s (wet) meadow’, referring to its ownership by the Bishops of Freising. (vir: wikipedia)

city of Loka museum Škofja Loka

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