Ljubljana’s green awards

Mon, 21. May 2018 | News

Ljubljana, Capital city of Slovenia, got prestigious green awards. WTM Responsible Tourism Award in the category of Best Communications at WTM London 2017.

The responsible Tourism Awards focus on the contributions made by tourism businesses and organizations and by destinations – in order to recognise those who are making a difference. The change makers, those leading the way to make tourism more sustainable by taking responsibility for driving down the negative impacts of tourism and increasing the positive impacts.

Ljubljana was also ranked by Global Green Destinations as one of the Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations 2017. It was ranked on this list the third time already.

In 2018, Ljubljana still pursues sustainable development (Ljubljana was The European Green Capital in 2016).


Source: City of Ljubljana, https://www.ljubljana.si/en/ and Ljubljana Tourism, https://www.visitljubljana.com/en.

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