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Ljubljana’s festive lights switch-on event

Thu, 14. Nov 2019 | News

Ljubljana’s festive lights will be switched on on 29th of November 2019. The switch-on event is held next to the

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Autumn at Ljubljana bus station

Fri, 4. Oct 2019 | News

Still a great time to travel Even though the autumn equinox marks the day when the northern hemisphere slightly tilts

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SUP Tour on Ljubljanica river

Mon, 15. Jul 2019 | News

Paddle-boarding in Ljubljana, is a unique experience, as Ljubljana is currently the only European capital that offers an intimate experience

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Free air guitars at our station

Tue, 9. Jul 2019 | News

We are delighted to present you the best free air guitars of the world! From today, everyone can play its

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Free bus between Postojna cave and Predjama castle

Wed, 3. Jul 2019 | News

Postojna cave and Predjama castle are the most famous tourist attractions in Postojna region. Postojna cave Park is one of

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Weather forecast for Slovenia – sunny days

Fri, 31. May 2019 | News

Sunny days are on its way. After a long period of rainy and colder days, sun and warmth are on

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Pub Crawl & Wine tasting Ljubljana

Thu, 16. May 2019 | News

Pub Crawl Ljubljana invites you to an awesome party where you visit several bars, meet a crowd of people from

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The Ljubljana Free Tour

Thu, 16. May 2019 | News

The Ljubljana Free Tour is covering everything from history to modern city life, this is the must-do tour recommended by

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Alternative tours in Ljubljana

Tue, 19. Mar 2019 | News

Take a walk in the shoes of a local – alternative tours in Ljubljana Looking for alternative tours and top

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SKI Bus Krvavec cancellation

Fri, 8. Mar 2019 | News

We would like to inform you that the SKI Bus Krvavec has been cancelled until further notice due to bad

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