Additional offer at Ljubljana bus station

Visitors and passengers decided for and are using:

  • printbox

Print files from your mobile phone, tabled, pc or USB key. Color print from 0,04 EUR (inside the station building).


Telemach vending machine – offer of value and sim cards and affordable mobile phones (inside the station building).

  • ATM

ATM of NLB bank – the easiest way to get cash (outside of station building).

  • Food and drink vending machines

Automatic Servis vending machines with a great variety of snacks and drinks and coffe (inside and outside the station building).

  • Bakery store

Žito bakery store, with an offer of bakery products, drinks, deserts, etc. (inside the station building).

  • Kiosk 3DVA

Store with tobacco products, magazines, sweets, drinks, etc. (inside the station building).

  • Pharmacy vending machine

Vending machine with specific pharmacy and other products, available 24 hours a day (outside of station building).

  • ATM

ATM of Euronet Worldwide – the easiest way to get cash (outside the station building).

  • Charging your mobile phone

Telemach charger for mobile phones – in front of FREE2GO vending machine (inside the station building).

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