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New international bus lines
New international bus lines

New connections to Switzerland!

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International lines
International bus lines

An overview of all possible departures
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How to read the timetable?
1. If you would like to view the timetables valid for other days, please insert the chosen date.

2. Please, insert the location of your departure into the “departures” window, and the place of desired arrival into the “arrivals” window. If you are not familiar with the exact name of a certain bus station, you can insert a few of the initial letters contained in the bus station name (example: “lj” or “ljub” for “Ljubljana”).

3. Click the “forward” button and choose the place of departure and arrival.

4. Click of the “forward” button to view the timetable showing bus lines of the chosen stops.

5. Due to database limitations some locations have to be searched for by their Slovenian name. These are:

Letališče Brnik Airport Ljubljana
Trst Trieste
Firenze Florence

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